Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Is So Wrong, It's Right! (All in honor of Courtney Summer's debut novel, CRACKED UP TO BE. May it sparkle for years to come!)

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ETA: In case you're confused, this is the cast of TWILIGHT w/Courtney Summers.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the second video after this one -- it's Disco and totally sparkilicious.


courtney said...

Oh my God. That is beautiful and disturbing and hilarious and scary and awesome and SPARKLY ALL AT ONCE. I am honoured. Sparklingly honoured. I have showed it to my family.


(I'm so sorry it took forever for me to get to this!!! Holiday madness!)

Hee. Thank you for making my lol (repeatedly) and Happy New Year!!!

Jennifer Hendren said...


Same to you! And I hear you on the holidays. I didn't drink a lick of alcohol..(okay, maybe a little bit) and I feel like I've been in a multi-day hangover. (g)

Glad you enjoyed! I'm not sure which is better...Carisle and his sexy shimmy...or the fact that Edward has rather large boobs in a couple of the shots. (g)