Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice, Ice...Everywhere Is Ice

Oh man. It's going to take an hour to chip into my car. I got three of the doors open, the engine started...but I bet I could leave it running for an hour and still not be able to crack my way through. Oh joy.

Someone remind me why I moved here.

*pulls out the pickaxe (flimsy ice scraper)*


Time from when I started my car and when I arrived at work (including one sidetrip to favorite coffee shop): 70 min

Time it took to chip out my car: 25 min (prolly 45 min from when I started my car)

Number of times I questioned my sanity on the way to work: Dozens

Number of times I questioned why I moved to this godforsaken hole: Once -- right about the time I arrived at my parking lot and discovered my driver's side door had frozen shut again.

Morning, everyone! :)

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