Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's 3 degrees outside here. THREE. And that doesn't include the wind chill, which has us in the negative double digits somewhere, mid-20's, I think.

All I want to do is curl up under the covers with a good book. Unfortunately, I have some work to do on FI (yes, I said unfortunately, because I really want to just nest in my bed) and then it's off to regular job tonight. Fun fun fun.

In good news -- we had our family Christmas celebration last night -- for those of us in town. It was great fun -- fantastic food -- and puppy mania. LOL. We give the pups stockings of goodies every year and we've decided Bailey simply can't handle all the excitement. (Chloe, otoh, knows how this whole Christmas thing works and it's all old hat to her now.) Bailey, however, basically got too ramped up and became psycho dog, wanting all the toys and treats (including Chloe's) at once -- even when they were on opposite sides of the room. She spent a lot of time in time-out (her kennel) and went to bed very grumpy. I woke in the middle of the night to find her snuggled up against me, so I guess all is forgiven and she's MUCH better today.

Anyway -- I received KT Tunstall's CD, Drastic Fantastic, so I'm super excited about that. I also got the new Batman movie and some gc's to a favorite juice shop in town. So, YAY, good night. :) I'm still waiting on my fam's gifts from Cali -- but I'm fairly sure they're sending GC's so I can go worship at church. (g) You know that will make me Very Happy.

It's gonna be a crazy finish to December for me. I have exactly 10 days to make that final push in finishing FI...I'm hopeful, but we'll see. It seems like I have so much left to do. I'm going to tackle it one day at a time and see how far I get. It's going to be hard because I still have a ton of things to do before Christmas (namely buying for the fam in Cali and getting it all wrapped and shipped) and baking some goodies for my Grandpa. Not to mention making my dishes for our main family celebration on Christmas Eve. And then, yanno...Christmas. (g) I've got to be back to work on Friday, so it will be a short celebration for me.

Busy, busy, busy...but a good busy. :)

On that note, I should probably get some face time in with FI.

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