Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cut! Paste! and Rearrange!

So, I'm not exactly moving forward on new pages of FI right now. Why? Because a new wrinkle developed that sort of changes the flow of the section I just finished working on. *smacks forehead*

At times like these, I wish -- I sincerely wish that I was a linear/outline writer.

Anyway -- tonight my goal is to rearrange everything. I would say it affects about 70 pages of the 100 I just pulled together. All because my antag decided to up the stakes a little with Maddy. The jerk. (g)

No, really -- I'm happy, but frustrated with the backtracking I have to do right now. BUT, if my speculations are right -- it will be much better in the end. Here's hoping, right? :)

Of course, this sets me back on my MA goals, but what can you do?

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