Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Few Things

I have several reviews I want to write, but I'm holding off for right now. I'm running a writing marathon over at the forum, and I vowed that for the next five days the only thing I will do outside of my normal responsibilities is, yanno...write. So write I will. That means those reviews will be posted some time after Saturday. It's slow going right now -- wow, I'm seriously out of shape when it comes to pounding out the words. But words are words, and I'll be happy if I at least get something down each day. Hopefully it will get easier as I push through these rough spots.

And a reminder that the contest for Carol's book is closing THIS Thursday at 9PM CST -- see sidebar for link. Don't miss out on a great opportunity for a free book! :)

Anywho -- I'm off to work soon. Have a good night!


Tara Parker said...

Marathon? What marathon? Damn, this is what happens when I actually WORK at work. I miss everything!

Jennifer Hendren said...


I see you've found it on the forum. :)