Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Book Giveaway!!

YAY. I am so excited to announce that my friend, Carol Spradling, is about to have her first novel, COST OF FREEDOM, released through The Wild Rose Press.

Cost of Freedom, book one
Release Date: Digital May 30, print Nov. 28
ISBN #: 1-60154-241-0
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

In a Boston cemetery, Abigail Matthews overhears two Patriots plotting against her beloved England. She confides in her childhood friend William Jackson and is shocked to learn of his support and involvement with the Sons of Liberty.

Alone one night and surrounded by an English patrol, Abigail shoots a British soldier. She is no longer seen as a Loyalist and tries to escape the watch. William finds her and brings her with him to Berkshire where they discover hostile Loyalists, unstable Indian alliances, and each other.

William sets out on one last assignment and is confronted by the man Abigail shot and a female gun smuggler. In the flash of a discharged gun barrel, William fights for more than freedom.

Book Trailer:


To commemorate the moment, I'm going to be giving away a free digital copy of COF.

The rules are simple:

Simply respond to this post with a short message (in the comments) about how you learned of her book, and if possible, link this contest somewhere -- your blog, a writer's forum... OR write in to your favorite writer's blog and let them know. The idea is to spread the word, so don't be shy with the links. (You do NOT need to link in order to win... it's just a bonus.(g))

And if you don't have a blogger account, you can sign in using the "nickname" option in the comments thread...OR, email me at jnhendren @ hotmail dot com.

Deadline: May 29th, 9PM CST.

Include your name, please. If I can't reach you, I'll be forced to draw again.

Good luck! And let's all wish Carol a successful book launch!!

Carol's Blog
Carol's Website
To Order Cost of Freedom visit The Wild Rose Press


NBB said...

This is a great idea Jen!

I know Carol from the Books and Writers Forum and I still have her e-mail announcing the release dates. So exciting! :)

*off to post the contest on her blog*

Precie said...

WOO HOO!!!! I'm so excited for Carol, and what a great way to help celebrate her book release!

I too know Carol from the Books & Writers Forum! And I hope her books garner lots of attention! I'll post about the contest on my blog too!

Cindy K. Green said...

I've been looking forward to Carol's book for awhile! YAY only another week. I wish you all the best, Carol.


Anne Gilbert said...

I got a note in my e-mail about this. I'm so glad Carol has gotten this far. I will post this link on my blog(which I would encourage everyone to visit, 'cause I'm a writer, too). If you want to visit, it's at
The Writer's Daily Grind


As I said, I will quite cheerfully announce this.
Anne G

Rachel said...

Great idea, Jen! And of course, congratulations to Carol. (s)

I know Carol from the Books and Writers Forum, and have been looking forward to reading her book for a while now (as I have another Forumite's book - hope the writing is going well there, Jen. (bg)).

Happy launch, Carol!


madame erotiK said...

hi! Carol congratulations for u book release!

I know Carol from the facebook, and some writers forum.

i would be glad to post the contest on my blog.


Deniz Bevan said...

Yay, what a great idea Jen! I'll rush over and do a blog post right away! I know Carol from the Forum too!

Hélène Boudreau said...

Yay Carol!

I'm a facebook and compuserve forum friend and have been cheering from the sidelines since she announced her good news.

Yippee! I'm so excited for you!

Beth Trissel said...

Very excited for you, Carol! Love the trailer too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I know Carol through our mutual love of Kathleen E Woodiwiss. I live in New Zealand and we have been chatting on Kathleens Official website and now the unofficial one to. I have known Carol was writting her book for absolutely ages and am so proud of the fact that she is finally being published. Being in New Zealand I often have to order over the internet to get books that are not available here. I can usually oreder them cheaper and so much quicker this way. I to hope to one day write a book as I have several ideas rumbling around up stairs in my head. Seeing a friend's dream coming to fruitian like this certainly gives me hope.



Helen said...

Hi Jen,

I first heard about Carol's book either on Books & Writers or on Books at Forums America (I can't remember which, but they're two halves of the whole anyway, right? *g*)

And good on you for helping out a friend like this!

Tara Parker said...

Yay, Carol!!!

I'll put up a post today about it for all 3 of my readers! (g)

Jenny said...

Better late than never, eh? *g* I'm in!

Another forumite here, and that's how I met Carol. So excited about the book.

Post is up on my blog, and I'll keep an eye out for anywhere else I can plaster it. *w*

Christy said...

Yeah, Carol!

I also know Carol from the Books and Writers Forum.

A post on her book is on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I'm so happy for Carol!!!

Hmm...I believe I met Carol in the *cough* erotic folder in the B&W Forum. (g) We were perfecting our randy scenes. Friends ever since. :-D


Anonymous said...

I met Carol at the KEW site, like Brony. Wish her all the best.

Gerb said...

Hi, Jen.

I heard about Carol's work on the Books & Writers forum.

Great trailer. Go, Carol!


Ironeyes said...

Good plot line, and nice trailer. Should be a very good read! Found the contest on the loop.
Good fortune with the book.


Susan Adrian said...

Congrats Carol!

amylove said...

Big congrats to Carol on the release!!


Jenna said...

Oops. Took me a while to reply, but here I am.

Hope everything goes well for Carol and her books!