Friday, May 9, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Daaaaaaah daah daaah daaah daaaaah daaaah...

It's the graduation march!!! Tomorrow is the day. YAY. :) (Don't forget that for 24 hours, it will be Dr. Jen. (vbg))

I've had a seriously strange week of a lot of hard work and moments where I've tried squeezing in a few treats for myself. Started with doing NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING on Wednesday. I felt like I had a hang-over and let myself sleep in late, laze around the house...ate some junk food. It was lovely -- made all the better by the fact my uncle had taken the pups to Camp Bow Wow for the day. (Seriously, we're becoming those reeeeeeaally weird dog owners that people rag on all the time. Well, THEY are anyway. (G))

Then on Thursday I got a massage -- lovely lovely LOVELY. Unfortunately, I had to work that night and any lingering effects were gone gone GONE by the end of my shift. LOL. Oh well.

This morning, I got up early to pick up my room -- then headed to the mall where I treated myself to a new outfit and shoes for graduation...even some earrings. Then I headed over to the hair salon for a cut and color/highlight. My hair is GONE! LOL. Seriously, it went from about mid-back to chin level. It's brown now, with blonde highlights. LOVE it. Totally fun. Then I headed home to do the maid thing. (g) Of course, I didn't finish, so after I get home from work tonight, I'll be scrubbing the kitchen floor, etc.

Tomorrow I'll have to finish the bathrooms before I head on over for a mani/pedi. Seriously, can I spend any more money?? It seems pretty crazy considering I don't have a real job yet. LOL. Oh well, graduation only comes...well, rarely, so there. :)

Then it's over to the ceremony at 3, back home for my dinner party...and after that, KARAOKE, baby! (g) Can't wait...good times will be had by all! YAY.