Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Back!

Sort of!

The good news is that I had a great week of writing...

The bad news is that I haven't finished FI yet...

Some more good news is that while I'm not quite there yet, I'm SO SO SO SO close. I literally have maybe 2 more scenes...a few bridging scenes...and various cleanup things to write and I'll be done! Whoo whoo! (Oh, and one major change -- cutting chapter 2 and working the important bits into other chapters. I think that will solve my problems with the opening, but we'll see. It's the last section I'm going to worry about as it's at least complete at this point.)

The book is standing at about 92K right now. Just keeps growing and growing, but that's okay! Plenty of words to play with still.

I've decided to try and maintain my restrictions on TV, etc. until I finish. Erm, well on TV at least, and possibly reading.

Oh, and in case you're wondering on that front, I managed _9_ days without TV. Seriously. Wow, that's a crazy record for me; tv is sort of background noise in my world. Wanna know how I managed that one? Well, remember awhile back when Maureen Johnson did a blog post about how she always deludes herself into thinking Post-It's will save her wip's by helping her to organize, color-code, etc. her pages...therefore being the saving ingredient that will help pull her through to deadline? (And of course, they never quite live up to the imagined hype.)

Well, I love me some Post-it's as well...and thought I'd put them to actual use this past week. I covered my TV with them. Literally. (g) There were so many on the screen that taking them off to watch a few minutes of TV wasn't even an option. And it worked! I only removed them last night and yeah, I fell into TV-veg-state for a couple of hours. Guess what? They're going back on. :)

I failed on the reading front. I read four books over vacation--short, YA's mostly, but still. I'm an utter failure. (g) (BTW -- Courtney Summer's book FINALLY came in. B&N had not one, not two, but THREE copies sitting there for me when I went to pick it up. WTF. I'd complain to someone if I thought it would help. I mean, only took them over a month to receive the dang thing--and then they TRIPLED my order. Oh well! It was a GREAT book. :))

I also failed at the internet thing--partly. Beth and Jenny were running a houseparty over at the forum, and well, they totally sucked me into it. I sent Gabe in for therapy. I found it interesting...though I can't say I learned a lot of new things about him. It was hard to play along without giving away everything that happens in FI, so I couldn't FULLY commit him to the exercise...oh well, still a lot of fun. Other than that, I didn't blog or follow any other blogs. (My googlereader is chock full of goodies! I think I have over 100 posts in there, which was actually a lot less than I'd thought there would be. Quiet week, I guess. (g))

So, yeah...back at work today. I'm way behind on a lot of things, but hope to get caught up. I am HOPING to finish FI in the next week. We'll see -- busy days ahead. If all goes well, though, I should have copies sent out to betas in say...let's give it 10 days -- the 5th of February. (eee)

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I should be kicking off the last leg of the therapy houseparty tonight. The therapist I've envisioned is rather kooky, so it should be fun, though I'm not sure how much "therapy" will actually take place. :)

More soon.


Hélène Boudreau said...

You can do it!!

The 'no TV' thing is huge!

Kait Nolan said...

Welcome back Jen! Keep on truckin'.

Deniz Bevan said...

Yay, Jen's back! Wow, I can't believe you stayed away from tv for that long; the post-it note thing is a great idea! Even more impressive is the virtually no internet - I would have been suckered into so many scrabble games on facebook! But I, too, would have fallen for reading YA; how can anyone resist? :-)
Congrats on mostly finishing, so close! Me, me, me! *waves hands* I want to read it *now*! :-)
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