Friday, November 7, 2008


It's snowing here.

B-b-b-b-utt I'm not ready for snow! I had plans to lay out and finally get some color into this pasty-never-go-outside-and-actually-see-the-sun skin. I meant to spend the day tomorrow--outdoors, writing under my favorite tree. I meant to take my dogs for a walk so we could frolic in the leaves!!!!


It's only flurries. But still. I want more fall.

Erm, I was kidding about the laying out. I've accepted the fact that I'm the palest girl in America. I can deal with it.

And once REAL snow falls, my tune will change. I know this for certain.


NBB said...

Snow?! Oh dear...

Jennifer Hendren said...


You said it, sister.. (g)

Anonymous said...

Dude. It was like 75 here today. I want flurries!

Jennifer Hendren said...


75?!?!? Sigh. You lucky, lucky girl.