Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*Checks Watch*

Yup -- I was right on schedule for a freak out session.

Thanks to Jenna for talking me down from the ledge--yet again. Seriously, if you don't answer me the next time I beep you on IM, I will completely understand. I have surpassed my crazy quotient for the year. For several years. And lets be honest -- the bar is set pretty high for me. (g)

I'm feeling _better_. I'm still not sure how I'm going to tie all of these wayward threads together--in a coherent fashion that is believable--but at least I got to vent about it all. I think I know what I need to I just have to do it.

One day at a time... breathe...


Jenna said...

Yes, dear, breathing is a must.

And you know I actually enjoy your freak out sessions. It forces me to use my brain, and lets be frank, I don't use it often enough lol.

Besides in a strange and selfish way, helping you, even if it's just listening (reading) to what you have to say, helps me with my own writing.

So, anytime you need a friend I will be here...*blinks* And I feel like singing Mariah Carey for some reason.

Jennifer Hendren said...


Hey, let's have a sing along. :)

And thanks again! I'm glad it helps you, too...cuz I depend on you talking me off that dang ledge. (g)