Monday, November 10, 2008

Fighting The Cold

It's that time of year--out here in Nebraska, it's cold, it's wet, and all I want to do is snuggle under the covers, a cup of tea at my elbow, and a good book to help while away the hours. It's absolute tortute to sit in front of my computer because I'm COLD. It should be illegal for someone's fingertips to be this icy while indoors. Seriously. Granted, part of that has to do with the location of my room -- it sort of juts off from the main house and is always the coldest room. And part of it is that my fam REALLY seems to enjoy sleeping with the house at a nice, cool (COLD -- ANTARTIC cold) 62 degrees.


That in mind, I made my favorite spiced tea tonight. I'm about to bundle up in sweats and a long sleeved shirt...two pairs of socks...heck, I may even throw an electric blanket over my lap. All in the name of getting some work done on the ole' wip.

My goal this week is to pull the next 50 MS pages together -- filling in all gaps and transitions. It's most likely doable, but I'm a bit worried that I may be underestimating the amount of work involved. We shall see. If I can get more than that accomplished, well, that would of course be wonderful. :) It would also mean that I'm closing in on that end SFD. OMG, I at last feel it's within my grasp. Whoot.

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Deniz Bevan said...

brrr, 62 degress?
that's what our house is at because it just isn't cold enough yet to turn the heat on (and pay for it) and my hands freeze all the time while typing or using the mouse - it would be so much easier to curl up with a blanket and some cocoa and read :-) This being Montreal, though, I'm sure temperatures in the minus and lots of snow are coming any day now...