Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Move Over, Tweens!

I've purchased my tickets for TWILIGHT -- this Thursday, midnight showing.


Gah, I'm so ridiculously, fan-girl excited that I'm making myself sick. (g)

Can you imagine what it would be like to go see the movie version of YOUR book? It makes me dream big. Good on you, Stephenie Meyers!

In celebration, let's discuss our dream casts. :)

I worked on FI along time ago -- one night when I was being really silly with some online friends.

Maddy -- Rachel McAdams

Drew -- Hugh Jackman (I think I've since revised this to perhaps Christian Bale -- younger and oh so cute)

Gabe -- Gerald Butler (Younger version...hmmm...I dunno if there is one. His image is ingrained on my mind)

I think I'll have to get back with my casting ideas for BTPM. I've never given it much thought.

Anyone else wanna play? :)


Christy said...

Color me jealous. My ticket's for 7pm Friday.

The only actor I've ever seen who matches what I think Lukas looks like is Ben Barnes. No luck finding anyone to play Lexy. I'll have to keep looking.

NBB said...

Gah! I'm so envious! :) Twilight only starts in January here...

I'll have to think about the cast for Before and After a bit :)

NBB said...

Before I forget, I want a detailed review of the movie ;)

Helen said...

We're not getting it until December...but I am going. (I loaned Twilight to a friend and she got addicted...read the whole series in less than a fortnight. So she has decreed that we _are_ going *laughs*).

As for who would play my characters in a movie version? Dunno. I have met someone in real-life who looks just like I imagine Brett*, but I've never seen an actor who I've thought, "You're [character]" about.

*Which means that whenever I see this guy - not much, once or twice a year maybe - I have to be ultra careful to call him by the right name *g*

NBB said...

Found one!

If she wore her hair like in this pic


Lisa RAy could be Anna

Jennifer Hendren said...

Hiya Girls,

Well, I must say the most frightening thing about the movie was the sheer number of girls (tweens) that were in attendance. They were all wearing Team Edward T-shirts! LOL. And the few boys that showed were all wearing team Jacob shirts (apparently not as a love interest, but as support for a fellow "bad boy." I couldn't see Jacob as less of a bad boy..LOL)

Anyway, it was an experience, fo sho.