Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can You Feel My Smile?

I read through the first 6 chapters of BTPM last night. I'm shocked...stunned...overwhelmed and surprised by how well it read. I literally haven't touched that wip for probably close to a year. I expected to find all kinds of problems, clunky sentences, wordy passages (my real forte), but it was GOOD. Solid good -- Ready to go to agent good. Eee. What to do now??

I have no idea. I can't send it FIRST, before the book D.A. signed up for.



NBB said...

Yes, you MUST! :) And isn't it rather nifty when you have a second book already up in your sleeve? :)
(that's my biggest nightmare, I have to admit. Finding someone who likes my book and wants another one and words leave me)

Deniz Bevan said...

woo hoo!
That must be such a great feeling. What am I saying, I alerady knew that book was great :-) So, they're both coming out, like, next month, right? :-)))

Alright, enough dreaming, back to work for me...