Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ups And Downs

Well, I'm making good headway on FI, but not nearly enough. I'm plowing ahead, though...so soon, very soon.

The bad news? Well, I went out and got a job today. LOL. With graduation approaching, I realized my money is going to completely run out. (Okay, I knew this already, but it finally HIT home in a big way. I have all the optimism in the world about my employment options after graduation, but a job search may take a little more time than my meager bank account will support.) So, alas...I put in my app, and bam...I'm an employed stooge once again. IOW, I'm back to waitressing. (g) It's a steakhouse, which is cool...one that plays a steady stream of country music, which is even cooler. Best part? The uniform -- jeans and a t-shirt! Woohoo. And the really good news is that I made the decision and was hired within about an hour. Hey, I've got skillz. (VBG)

Unfortunately, that means my schedule is going to be even tighter as I move toward finals. If I disappear from the net, don't be completely shocked. Because not only will my schedule be superass busy now, but I busted my laptop tonight. (YAY) Well, it's not that dire. But a couple of keys are officially broken -- including the space bar -- and well, we all know the Geek Squad take _forever_ to fix anything at Best Buy. It's not the best system, but thank God, my 'puter is still under warranty. I DO have my old laptop (not sure if you're familiar with that diaster -- it basically PHYSICALLY fell apart, meaning the screen is hanging on to the keyboard by a HAIR...literally.) I've rigged it against my desk -- so at least I can continue to write in the evenings. Notes at school will be by hand (egads!!!) and I'll have no internet escape mode in the middle of class. That is unless my uncle allows me to borrow his laptop. Not counting on that.

Oh, and there's that little matter of some of my scenes being saved in Word 2007 format..when this computer has Word 2000. Hmmm, I have a feeling that's going to be a major problem. LOL. Oh well, I'll check it out. I've loaded everything on to my portable harddrive...and well, I can always use my uncle's desktop if desperation sets in. (heh)

So yeah -- crazy day! (g) I have a feeling I'm going to feel the urge to rip my hair out in the next 39 days. That's all I have left until graduation!! (woohoo!)


Tara said...

GEEK SQUAD? Nooooo! Wish you lived closer to NC. GS is Satanic! (g)

Congrats on the new job!

Maggie said...

There's a download available from Microsoft that will allow you to read the 07 files in previous versions of office. 'Grats on the job. Least it was fast!