Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Ending!!!

My uncle checked up on Lucy and her sister today. The good news is that the owners claimed them about a half hour after they were picked up!!! *happy dance*

Apparently, the two got loose from a home here in Lincoln -- get this, though. They live about _three miles_ from us...good grief. That's a long distance for two dogs to travel--along some very busy streets. EEE. I'm so glad they made it to us safely.

And I'm also happy to report that the family had already been calling in about them, long before they were turned in. In fact, they were on the phone with the shelter when the two arrived.

Oh man, I love happy endings. :)


Precie said...

Oh, THANK GOODNESS! I was hoping it was that kind of situation, rather than, you know, the bad kind. And I hope the family realizes they need to update the dog tags. :) (Truth be told, when we moved a few years ago, it took over a month for me to realize that we needed to get Sunny updated tags with our contact info. D'oh!)

Thanks for updating with the happy ending!

Jennifer Hendren said...


If this happened to me, I'd be a nervous wreck. Those dogs would be tagged, chipped, and escape proofed. (g) LOL. But man, I'm SOOOOOOO relieved and happy they're back home. YAY!!!!!! Makes the cold rain worth it! LOL.


Deniz Bevan said...

yay! what a story - and all in the rain!!! but I'm glad the dogs are safe and sound now, and didn't languish at the shelter, thank goodness.