Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bleep Bleep

Yep...heart is still working. I'm officially alive, though I feel like sh*t. (g) For the record, I REALLY hate finals. (Have I said this before?) Buuuuuttt!!!! Official countdown to graduation is 11...erm, make that _10_ days!!!! WHOO-WOO!! I'm so excited. :)

One final sit-down final, one take-home final, one 20-30 page paper, and one negotiations journal to pull together. Life is going to get A LOT better at about 4PM Thursday afternoon. That sit-down final will be finished as well as my paper. (Well, if everything goes well. To quote Tim Gunn, "It's time to make it work." (g)) After that, I can phone in the rest of my assignments. Life will be so sweet. (Plus I can probably get back on some sort of writing schedule!) That's definitely the best part of it all.

Off to bed.

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