Sunday, April 27, 2008

How I Celebrated My Birthday

Technically, the celebration began last night. I got home from work around 10 and discovered my little Bailey pup had peed in my bed. ROFLMAO. DUDE, that's so wrong and led to my doing laundry WELL past midnight. I'm not sure what happened with her. When Chloe was a pup (I say pup, but they were both about 2 when they had their incidents), she peed on my newly washed and made bedding. I think both dogs were frustrated with me. Chloe because I was doing laundry at the time and couldn't play with her upon demand...and Bailey beause I've been gone so much. I don't think she's grown any more accustomed to my new work schedule than I have. After all, since we adopted her last year, I've been home every night, etc. Now she's acting funny around me....*SIGH* I didn't even get mad at her. Hopefully she'll be okay soon.

Oh the fun of being a dog owner. (g)

Anywho -- hopefully today will go much better. I'm going to be working on my lit paper this afternoon, and then we're (my family and I) going out to dinner at the restaurant of my choice. I haven't decided where yet, but it will come in due time. Then it's back home for cake.

Pretty tame night, but alas, that's what happens when your birthday falls during finals. (g)

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! :)


Jenna said...

ulpafHappy Birthday!!!

*growls* I was supposed to send you something before this day hit (have it packed and everything) and I completely forgot lol. I'm blaming the same thing you are. My head is so focused on passing this semsester I haven't thought about anything else.

Anywho, hope you have a great day! Well, as great as you can having during this unfortunate time (g).

Lottery Girl said...

Happy belated Birthday!

We're in the middle of the birthday marathon now. Bdays for four family members over the span of five weeks.

I'll be making birthday pie and German Chocolate cake for days... HAHA!