Monday, April 14, 2008

I Think I Found My Calling

Yesterday, I happened by the study window and saw a Boston terrier in our driveway. She was all harnassed up, but her owner was nowhere in sight. As we live on a very busy street, and she was headed that way, I called her into the house. Thankfully she came trotting on in. LOL. My dogs weren't too happy with the interloper, but I shut her in the laundry room to divert any impending yipfests.

Luckily, this time the rescue went rather smoothly. I called in her ID number and discovered Sally lived a couple of houses over -- granted, across said BUSY street. I walked her over and handed her off to her papa.

If this writer/lawyer thing doesn't work out...perhaps there's a job for me in animal rescues. (g) That's three this week...wondering what other pooches will wander into our yard...

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Tara said...

Dogs are VERY good judges of character, so I hear. (g)