Monday, March 31, 2008

Unearthed Treasure

I managed to knock my phone off my headboard this afternoon -- and beside it, tucked between my headboard and nightstand, was writing journal! Good grief! I haven't seen it forever. Which means, by default, I haven't written in it for _a long time_. I must rectify that pronto.

I casually perused the pages...

There are some notes about where I would take COTM next... (Back in June of 2006) Progress on that was sidetracked--as shown by the notes on NARC (aka FI) that came next, and my decision to take that series of books in a more comedic direction. are my thoughts on the very first scene I wrote, which I might add is still going strong in the current version. YAY.

Notes on NARC 2...and COTM 2 (heh)... (tease tease)

The day I finished NARC...

Hmmm, nothing on when I began BTPM, but that's pretty well documented on my lj.

Oh...brief notes on future NARC books. Book 3, 4...5...

The day I started working on THE BRAEDEN (2/15/07) -- lots of notes on this one. Man, need to get back to it soon. When? Who knows.

More story ideas...hush hush.

Ohhh...notes on WALKING IN SHADOW (BTPM 2)...

So many ideas and thoughts. Time to add some new ones. :)

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