Monday, March 10, 2008

The Results

I got a bit sidetracked by life this weekend, and didn't get around to actually conducting my timed writing experiment until this afternoon. But here are the results (I started small):

30 minutes -- 505 words written.

WOOOHOO. Not bad!

To describe the experience, I set my little digital timer and put it right next to my computer so I could see the countdown. I have a natural tendency to want to toggle through other open windows when I'm writing. (I know, I know...I should just close all of them, right? BABY STEPS, people. Without my internet, I'd feel like I'm writing without my left arm attached. (g)) Anyway, when there was a lull, I automatically started clicking away...wondering if there was anything new going on over at the forum...*Jen glimpsed the clock* CRAP! Back to work...type type type...

Dogs begin to bark, and the aunt comes home. *Jen starts to get up* DOUBLE CRAP! Only five minutes to go. Aunt can go that long without my saying hello! Type type type!

In the end, although it was difficult in spots, that little clock sitting there helped keep me on task in a big way. I think the short interval worked perfectly and, I may stick with 30 rather than 60 minutes for now. I mean, hey, who can't squeeze _30_ minutes in at least a couple of times a day? If I can keep up the pace, that's 1000 words for an hour's worth of time. A decent amount for anyone...and well, if I can squeeze in a couple more sessions throughout the day, hopefully I'll be WELL on my way to finishing this damn book. (G)

So, yes...the experiment was a success. :)


Hélène Boudreau said...


Good job. I've been trying to fake myself out as I work through revisions and had a couple of good runs, telling myself I couldn't surf until I worked through a chapter.

Worked for a bit.

Just a bit.

Baby steps, like you say. :-)

Precie said...

Not bad? That's great! Lately, I've been setting my alarm clock 30 min early so that I can get some writing in before getting ready for work...I'm averaging about 250 words each morning. Although I use a non-internet PC those mornings, I sometimes find myself staring into space trying to work out ideas so I don't get to type constantly.

505 in 30 min ROCKS!!

Jennifer Hendren said...

Helene, steps. (g) Unfortunately that was the only half hour I managed today. But springbreak begins on Friday (woohoo!!). I'll have plenty of time to see if multiple sessions in the same day will work. (g)


P.S. I can't wait to hear about your super-duper secret project! (g)

Jennifer Hendren said...

Thanks, Precie! I've given a lot of thought to getting an alphasmart -- maybe I'll be able to work myself up to that eventually. (g)

The no internet thing...EGADS. (g)