Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Joys Of Research

You know, researching for paranormals is SO MUCH fun. :) I had a blast reading about werewolf lore for BTPM and now I'm about to embark on figuring out just how a person would go about cleansing her house of a ghost. The last time I went looking for ghost stuff, I freaked myself out with all of the youtube, "ghosts caught on film" videos. LOL.

I should know better than to start this stuff late at night -- things are ALWAYS scarier when I'm tired and's nighttime. (g) But alas, I'm trying to finish up my first five pages of TP for the workshop. Truthfully, I'm just beginning work on them, so I'm a little doubtful that I'll get them finished in time. Oh well. I really need to be concentrating on FI instead. I'm giving myself exactly one day to do what I can with these pages and then I'm back to work on finishing that puppy up.

Oh, I've finally recovered from that book -- you know the one. (g) I tell ya--I felt like I had a bad-book hangover. It was awful. I couldn't even think about picking up another, and reading my professor's book was very difficult. Now that's a lasting impression. LOL. to scour the net for some ideas.... wish me luck!

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