Wednesday, March 26, 2008

45 Days!

I'm sitting here staring at that number, my eyes all bugged out. That's how long I have until Graduation. With that comes so many things. (1)An escape from the hell that is law school (2) Re-entry to the real world, where people will expect me to get a job (gak!) (3) Repayment of student loans (4) No more spring breaks, Christmas breaks, Fall breaks, but most importantly, summer breaks. Oh that sucks.

I have much to accomplish. Weird, but my priority is finishing FI. Second is finding a job. LOL. Okay, perhaps those two goals are things that can be accomplished at the same time -- that NEED to be worked on simultaneously. But I also must send out invitations, plan my party (nothing too crazy -- just a dinner with friends and family. I did the whole "kegger-dance party" when I left undergrad), and yanno, PASS my finals. (g)

Oh man...TICK TOCK. (g)


Tara said...

I'm very happy for you! Good luck on those finals! (g)

Jennifer Hendren said...


EEEK, finals. (g) I'm trying not to think about them right now... yes, I'll think about them tomorrow.... LOL.


Rose D. said...

Think about after the finals-- maybe that'll help you be more calm when the time comes. (g)

Anyway, I just discovered your blog- yay! I'm adding it to the list on my own blog.


Jennifer Hendren said...

Hey Rose,

Welcome, welcome! (g) Yes...the thought of my graduation party is sustaining me for now. The thought of walking out of my last final...sleeping in...boxing up my books and having a ritual burning...ahh. (g) Kidding.

And yay, I'll link you back. :)