Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm probably going to be pretty scarce for the next few weeks. I'm pushing hard on FI, hoping to have it completed and in at least semi-decent shape before the Rocky Mtn. conference, which begins...eeek...Sept 11th! That's very, very soon, people!

I know you're saying to yourself...but Jen, you're hardly around now!

I know, and I apologize! LOL. It's summer...busy with work. Busy with life. And man, time is just flying by.

I'm not only staying away from blogger. There are other things I'm trying to cut down on. This includes books...*cries* I mean both the paper and audio variety here. My read list for 2009 is dismal, but I've been listening like mad. Even those are going off. I need to keep my characters and story at the forefront, and I have a theory that jumping back and forth between my world and others is pushing up one extra barrier that I just don't need right now.

So, it's music only from now on. I'll also be scarce from compu. I apologize for my lack of response to July X's...and my absence from the houseparty. You know I love me a good houseparty...but alas, it's just too time consuming right now. I'll also probably forego activities with my Gnomies. I WILL be checking in at MA. I need someone to crack the whip for me. :)

Anyway -- I hope everyone's summer is going well. I have a lot of things I'd like to blog about, but alas, they'll have to wait!

Wish me luck for the final push. This IS it. :)

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