Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Am A Child O' Stuff

As my grandfather always says, "I've got stuff."

A lot of it.

Seriously, nothing makes you examine your life more than when you're forced to unpack boxes you haven't touched for years.

As I'm sure you know by now, my mother is incoming. In fact, she's due in tomorrow night. And I gotta tell ya, my apartment ain't lookin' great.

In fact, I'm praying I can make it half decent before she gets here! I had no idea I had so much (pardon my French)--shit. Good grief. Do I throw nothing away?? Apparently not. :) That is changing, starting with this move. I've already tossed a lot of stuff, given a good chunk to charity, and I'm not even close to being finished. I'm going to purge -- big time. If that means going through stuff one box at a time and saying aloud, "Do I NEED this?" That is what I'm prepared to do.

Do you know I have no less than _four_ computers?? Yes. Four. You read that right. I have an old PC from my undergrad days and three laptops. One is nearly in pieces, but I haven't taken any time aside to go through the hard drive to purge anything I might need. Granted, after all of this time (hmmm, maybe 4 years since I last used it regularly), most of it is probably defunct anyway. But I don't KNOW that, so I still have it. Same goes for laptop #2, though I use it a lot more. But really, I don't NEED it. And don't get me started on the PC. I need to throw that dinosaur away -- but how can I when it works??

Ack. I need help. Medical intervention. Something.

Okay, once FI is finished, which from my lips to God's ears, will happen this month, I'm on a mission. First and foremost, I will rid myself of at least two of those dang computers. And any random printers, VCR's, DVD players, etc. that I'm not using. It's so ridiculous, you guys. And....yes, I think it's time to purge some books. *gasps and cries* Yes, it must be done. And I will also rid myself of VHS and audio cassettes! Why do I NEED them? Technically I don't really need my CD's either (yay for a little thing called iPod), but I think I might be asking a little too much of myself with those.

In the end, you know what this post is really about, don't you? Procrastination. I don't want to clean anymore.


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