Friday, July 17, 2009

Fooling Around With The New Idea

Hmmmm....whatcha think?

UNTITLED (c) 2009

My first fire was an accident--a fluke. A few random events that led me to torching the prom dress Danni Milton had made us all coo over for half the night. It went up like parchment when I knocked a candle over on top of where it lay spread out across her bed, and I spent the rest of the evening worried someone would figure out I was to blame. They didn't. They thought it had been an accident too.

My second fire? Now that one I planned.


NBB said...


Beth said...

Great beginning!!!

But Jen--is this yet another WIP??? (g)

Jennifer Hendren said...

Thanks, Nina!

Beth -- Thanks. :) Haha...well, it's really just an idea at this point. I had the dress on the bed image and decided to go with it. (g) I found it amusing and disturbing all at once. But alas, NO TIME. Must work on FI..the clock's ticking away.