Thursday, October 23, 2008

Invites Are Out!

I've sent an email to everyone I had an addy for. There are a couple of you I haven't heard from, I think -- Cindy and Helen, off the top of my head. If you haven't sent an email, shoot one on over to jnhendren @ hotmail dot com OR head on over and give us a knock at:

Precie: I never did get your email, but I had a yahoo addy for you. Hope it works! :)

I'll see ya'll over there!!

P.S. You can put the main blogger on google reader!!


Cindy said...

Hi Jen:

I think you have me, the cindyd address. If not, I'll send it tonight.


word verification: inging
Finally, something I can type!

Helen said...

Hi Jen,

I did e-mail you, on Thursday. Darned computers...*sigh*

Anyway, I'll just go sign up.

Precie said...

Hmm...Obviously I did get your invite...but I swear I DID contact you via my yahoo e-mail before getting the invite. I wonder why it never went through.

Jennifer Hendren said...


Sorry! I found yours and Helen's in my spam folder last night. :P So yeah, my bad.


Precie said...

Darn yahoo mail. I suspect that happens to me a lot.

word verification has been very interesting it's presseer.

trying not to read into that at all.

Tara Parker said...


I didn't receive one. Do you have my email?