Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey All!

Just a quick note from work. I'm having some issues with my home computer, as in it went completely blotto on me last night. I'm getting a new one today. (yippee!) Anyway, nope...not too late for anyone to join up. I'll probably end up setting something up where we all have access, and we can all post there. (Nope, Carrie -- you don't need to have your own blog to join in! :))

Anyway, give me a couple of days to figure out the best place, etc. -- and keep the suggestions coming if you have any.

Mission: Accountable is in effect! (or is it Affect? See, I need you guys!! LOL)


Precie said...

"in effect" is correct.

Sounds good. I wait with bated breath for forthcoming instructions. :)

NBB said...

I've been racking my brain for a good name. All I came up with was "Circle of Hell" ;) (we'll all write one hell of a story *g*)
What about "Inkredible Scribes" (found that one online)

And if I'm not too late, I'd like to join as well.

NBB said...

I just notices, that you already have a name *duh* :)