Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scene Chart...erm, List...uh, THINGUM? Check!

FI Stats:

Word Count: Hovering right around 80K, give or take a couple of thousand words.

Scenes: 56

Characters On The Chopping Block: 1 (I'm combining two, actually.)

Scenes On The Chopping Block: Hmm, hard to say, but several small ones will be combined with others or deleted altogether.

Total word count loss? Hmm, around 3-4K when all is said and done.

Scenes Left To Write: Hard to say exactly. I'd estimate around 10.

Scenes Left To Revise: Pretty much every one of them needs to be tweaked in some way. Especially since I eliminated one of the characters. Muhahaha. Man, I've got a God complex now.

My Next Move: Start from the beginning, eliminating/combining scenes, and move forward. Keep at least one active scene going at all times.

Estimated Time of Delivery (to Betas): I have no idea. A long time.

I need all of you to send virtual chocolate. :)

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Deniz Bevan said...

Truffles? Milk chocolate? White? Toblerone? After Eight? 5-dollar-a-bite Belgian chocolate? Take your pick!! :-)