Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miss Crabby Pants

A'yup. That pretty much sums up my mood today. I've been going through scenes in FI and nothing is reading well. Nothing. I decided I needed a nap and a shower, and next I will go outside and spend some time with the pups. When I'm done there, I'm coming back inside with what I hope will be a much improved attitude.


Because today is the day I'm pulling the book together to know what holes I need to fill. I don't know if I'll produce a "scene chart" but I definitely need a list of some sort--just to make sure everything is being tied up, or any new threads I've ended had an actual...yanno, beginning. (g) Ah, chunk writing.

I've got a lot of scenes that are 75-90% finished. Sigh. Must tackle those first.

Okay, outside I go.

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