Monday, September 8, 2008

Rowling Wins Lawsuit Against Lexicon!

Read about it: HERE.

Thanks to the Smart Bitches for the linkage. I admit this case caused a lot of hooplah on the writer's forum I belong to. I always came down on Rowling's side...while others were pretty adamant that this whole lawsuit was a sign of Rowling's "paranoia" and "self-aggrandizing ego." Shrug. I predicted this outcome from the beginning, as did a couple of fellow law students. Hey, I actually took a copyright class during those three years of hell. (g)

Anyway, any thoughts on this? Do you agree with the decision?

As a writer -- and as a former law student -- I agree. Good on you, Rowlings.


Tara Parker said...

Good for her.

While I'll admit that locking Alan Rickman in the basement takes someone on the edge of crazy, I was on her side about this. (g)

Jennifer Hendren said...


I still don't know where the origin of that story is. LOL. That Maureen cracks me up. (g)


NBB said...

I'm on her side.

As far as I know she has always supported the site as long as it was not for profit. But publishing a book, containing almost only her material is taking it a bit too far.
Why had no one asked her beforehand? I'm sure they could have come to an agreement