Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday! Whoo-whoo!

Ahhhh, I had a lovely, lazy day. I did nothing. I mean nothing. I could barely muster the energy to get out of bed. Alas, I finally rolled out mid-afternoon and managed to get some (much-needed) laundry finished. Then I did my FAVORITE Sunday activity -- book shopping. :) Got the next Laurie R. King, a Thomas Perry someone recommended to me, and a new YA by Kelly Armstrong called THE SUMMONING. I've got more reading material than I will ever be able to finish. But I'm totally thrilled to have spent some of those duckets I worked so hard to earn last week. (g) And the next Stephenie Meyer comes out on the 2nd. (!!!!)

The great news is that I only work two nights this week. Lots of time to get back on the writing wagon. Of course, guess which book is barking (literally)? BTPM! LOL. I've had some great ideas this past week -- they hit at totally random moments. I may work on some of them just to get back into writer mode. Dangerous, I know. Eh, we'll see. Why is it that the wrong book barks when you need to work on another?? I don't get it. (g)

Anyway, if you've sent me an email, I'll try to get back to you soon. I'm a bit behind. (g)

(Also -- there are a bunch o' movies I MUST see. Batman, The X-files, Mama Mia...blah. Too many movies, not enough time.)

Hope everyone is doing well!


Tara Parker said...

Glad you got some rest! Definitely go see THE DARK KNIGHT. It was very good - I've now seen it twice - once with the husband and, yesterday with my Dad (who was underwhelmed - heathen that he is).

Barking, huh? Do tell!

Jenna said...

Hey, girlie! Good to have you back for a bit.

Yeah, you should definitely go see The Dark Knight, it was pretty good...although I think I'm one of the heathens that was slightly disappointed in it. The X-Files, imo, was MUCH better...but I'm a softy for Mulder and Scully.

Hit me up on yahoo sometime, yo!

Helen said...

Lazy days are good. Book shopping is even better *grin* I didn't know about the Kelley Armstrong YA book - thanks for the heads up!

And I definitely recommend Mamma Mia. I saw that on Sunday. It's so much fun, and I still haven't gotten those songs out of my head (which is not a complaint *g*)

Deniz Bevan said...

X-Files! Woo hoo! The truth is out there!

Jennifer Hendren said...


Going to TDK tonight. (yay) I'll let you know what I think of it.

And yup...barking. (g) And I'm not telling. :D


Jennifer Hendren said...


*waves frantically*

Heya, girlie. You're a softy for M&S?? Ha. I'm a total sucker. They could do a commercial and I'd be riveted in my seat. (g) I'll definitely have to go see that soon -- this weekend perhaps. Right now I'm basking in my free time (erm, that is when I'm actually awake. (g)).

I'll talk to you soon!


Jennifer Hendren said...


You're welcome! I've had one of her adult books in my TBR forever -- BITTEN, I think. I'm intrigued by her switch to YA (it's my hope to write in both adult and YA) -- and wonder how she'll do having made that switch.

OH, yes...ABBA. (g) Their songs do get in your head, don't they? LOL. Good fun, tho. :)


Jennifer Hendren said...


*whistles the theme song*

doo doo doo doo doo

Yeah, I can't whistle. (g)


Tara Parker said...

BITTEN was very good - I read that awhile back. I, too, didn't realize that she writes YA books.

How was TDK?

Jennifer Hendren said...


I _liked_ it, but I didn't LOVE it. The Joker was great, Christian HOT HOT HOT...but, yeah...not as good as the first, and a bit disappointing overall.

But I have to say this...the Joker had me ROLLING...(no spoilers), but the hand sanitizer?!?! ROFLMAO. (g)


Tara Parker said...

I hate to have to add you to the "Heathen" group. But I will. (g)

I'll admit that there were some plot holes, but I came out of it both times loving it.

And the hand sanitizer bit cracked me all up!