Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dreaming Of Sunday

I've received a couple of nudge emails, wondering how I'm doing. Well, I'm alive. (g) That's about as good as it gets right now. LOL.

I just started two new jobs (technically one is at the same place, but they (gak) put me "in charge" at the restaurant and Monday was my first time on the job semi-alone. Tonight is fully alone -- eeeeeeek). Gah. And let me tell you, I think this week is a little taste of what hell must be like. (g) I've literally worked from sun up to sun down every day since Saturday, and I'll continue working that long until this Saturday...

Hmmm..Next week should be better. A lot better.

So for now, I'm dreaming of Sunday and a chance to be lazy for an entire day. (Ha)

Not getting much (well, any) writing done...not getting any reading accomplished either. I'm seriously that busy -- and I gave up my energy crutch a couple of weeks ago! Caffeine. Blah -- headaches for about a week, but I'm feeling pretty good now. It's hard not to reach for a cup of coffee or a Pepsi when I need a little boost, but overall I think my energy level is more even and constant than before. So it was probably really good timing to go cold turkey when I did. Otherwise I probably would've hit a wall sometime last night. LOL.

(Sidenote: Can you believe I'm writing this from the morning side of 630?? LOL) Yeah, it's pretty shocking to me, too. (g)

Anyway -- I'm doing well -- sorry for the radio silence, but hopefully next week (when the boss gets back in town) will go a little more smoothly. Hope everyone has a good week!


Tara Parker said...

Best of luck with going caffeine free! There is NO way I could live without un-sweet tea. My head would explode. (g)

Jenna said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to.

Sounds like you've been just a little, itsy bit busy (g).

Being in charge isn't all it's cut out to be is it? lol

Precie said...

Glad to see you're around. Hang in there!