Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 Reasons Why I Love John Green

Not to go all fangirl on y'all, but good grief. This guy is awesome.

5. The Yeti. I love how he respects his wife's decision not to appear on his vblog. The Yeti sightings are one of the highlights of the whole thing. And it's too sweet how when he's out on the road, he'll stop in the middle of a sentence and say, "I miss the Yeti."

4. Hank. He's related to Hank Green, and that's pretty damn cool.

3. He's not only funny, but he's _smart funny_. He reminds me of the guys I hung out with in high school -- the kind who knew totally random facts that _shouldn't_ be funny, but just are. The kind of guy who probably memorized PI to the billionth number.

2. He's an all star in my heart. Is that the funniest story or what? Don't know what I'm talking about, go HERE. I love when a person shares funny (somewhat embarrassing) stories in such a self-depreciating way.

1. He writes amazing books that I don't want to put down. (Seriously, I had to leave AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES in the other room so I could get some writing of my own done. (I'm only about 40 pages in and I'm HOOKED.) And I finished LOOKING FOR ALASKA in one sitting--when I needed to be doing other things.)

John rock!


Tara Parker said...

I woulnd't feel bad about going all fan-girl - you aren't alone! I spent 3 hours one night watching Brotherhood 2.0 and that was the LEAST amount of time for each night until I finished it.

The guy is awesome. And, I'm all over getting AAOK for $3.99! Can't wait to read it. (g)

Cristina said...

I couldn't agree more. John Green is my hero! =D

Jennifer Hendren said...


It's hilarious! Hope you enjoy! :)


Jennifer Hendren said...


Oh yeah, he pretty much rocks. (g) Which reminds me...I need to go buy Paper Towns...