Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Up?

Well, the Firsts Workshop has officially begun over at the forum. Since yesterday morning, there have been almost 900 posts. Granted, most of those are people commenting on each others first sentences, but when I didn't get to start wading through them until about post 750, it became a big ole' tedious mess. (g) I had to find a very quiet spot after finishing my comments and just...close my eyes and veg.

Why'd it take me so long? Well, my computer was on the blink. I tried everything to get it back on track. Granted, the basic functions work fine...they're just extremely slow. I NEED a new computer. Anyway -- spent about 8 hours yesterday working on it, which is more than frustrating. And then to have nothing improved in the end. WTF. That just sucks. I'm sure I could take it into a computer geek and s/he would be able to do something with it, but yanno...student=poor. LOL. Such a crap position.

Yeah, I'm TIRED and grumpy. (g) And with everything going on, I haven't gotten a lot of writing time in, though it's been on my mind _a lot_. Family, school, the's all turning into one big cluster (you know what) of distraction. But tonight...tonight I will write. Even if I have to turn the internet and the world off to do it.


NBB said...

Hi Jen,

you can be very proud of yourself! :)

The exploding thread means that a lot of people have an interest in it and are very willing to comment. A great help. What could an aspiring author wish more for, than getting comments by readers who know the other side as well - so to speak.

And I hear you with the writing.

Precie said...

I hope you got some writing done!

And I agree with Nina that clearly the Firsts workshops were a great idea, and you should be proud of yourself for organizing this so well!

As for the cluster****, yeah, but...ever forward, right?

Jennifer Hendren said...


Thanks...I'm quite happy with the turnout. :)


Jennifer Hendren said...


Thanks...the turnout was much more than I expected. But the more the merrier. (g)

And yup...forward. :)


Hélène Boudreau said...

Crazy thread! But lots of fun.

Hope the writing is going well. Mine has come to a screeching halt for the moment.

Ah well.

Josephine Damian said...

What first line forum? Where's it at? Seems I missed it....

I'm having my own first page contest on Wed. I hope thinks don't get too weird.

Jennifer Hendren said...


It's at the book and writers community, listed in my sidebar. We're doing a workshop on openings, progressing from first sentence to paragraph, page, first five pages and then first chapter. It's fairly informal, just writers offering advice to other writers, etc. We're starting on paragraphs tomorrow. Stop by if you have time. :)


Jennifer Hendren said...


Oh my...I heard...chicken pox. Poor lil' thing. I at least had it in junior high. Missing school was great. (g) But being that small...goodness. Hope she's feeling well!