Friday, February 15, 2008

Laying Low

Hey All! Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've sort of been keeping my head down, barely managing to keep up with priorities. Unfortunately, that means there hasn't been much time for blogging.

That, and I've been having further computer issues... and that's in addition to trying to keep up with the Firsts Workshop. I'm slightly out of breath over here. (g) And yes, I've been writing, too. Actually resorted to good ole' pen and paper when my computer wasn't working. I'm making some good headway, though I never think it's enough.

I think I've discovered one of my problems. I've been keeping my eye trained on finishing the book--allowing myself to become overwhelmed by all that encompasses. Thinking I need to do it NOW. Yeah, it's so hard to remind myself to take it one sentence at a scene at a time... So, I'm trying to force that mindframe on myself. Baby steps.

When I start whining, feel free to remind me of this. And it will happen. LOL.

The good news... After I finish the big scene I'm working on now...and a couple of other major ones, I'll be ready to start pulling the book together. OMG, I can't wait! So yeah, I'm getting there...I'm about to put everything on hold (i.e. doing only the minimum of what I have to in other facets of my life -- that includes school! LOL) and completely push through to the end. Maybe in a week or two--most likely when the workshop wraps up. That's when I'll likely need all the virtual chocolate y'all can send. Oh, that and peach rings! I love me some peach rings. (g)

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm planning on doing a couple of book reviews soon -- and I'm putting together a craft post. (VBG) Look out when Jen talks about craft. I'll likely end up confusing myself in the process. The topic? The word WAS. Ohhhh...and I'm starting a new feature in R&C on the forum. Can't wait!!! :) I should have specifics up in the next couple of weeks.

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