Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Orange Chicken Is The Enemy

Innocently, and with one clear goal in mind, I went to the mall today. I meant to pay a credit card and then skidaddle. HEH. The bookstore called my name, and then Panda Express.

I'm now officially in an orange chicken coma. Too bad I have class in a couple of hours.

Worst bit? B. Dalton's didn't have the book I _really_ wanted. LOL. Now I have to fend off the urge to go to B&N. (g) I'm only HUMAN!!


Precie said...

'fess up...did you go to B&N after all? ;)

Jennifer Hendren said...


ROFL... I _didn't_ go. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. (g)

I decided I have way too many books on my proverbial plate right now. Adding more is just asking for trouble. I'm sure that stance won't last past lunch, tho. (g)


Deniz Bevan said...

Mmmm, isn't orange chicken the greatest :-) I'll send you some virtual orange chicken followed by chocolate and coffee prepared how you like it - how do you like it? If I was brave I would join you in reading Crime and Punishment, but I'm in the middle of about 12 other books and I'd better finish some of them this weekend... Am I not supposed to be writing/editing? :-)

Jennifer Hendren said...


Yes, you edit, etc. Leave the big ole' book to me. (g) One good thing is that I just found out he's pushed back the paper's due date to May 1st. PLENTY o' time.

And whooohoo. Virtual goodies are always welcome. I'll take lots of cream and sugar with juuuuuust a splash of coffee. :)