Monday, November 12, 2007

SOME NERVE by Jane Heller

Brief Synopsis: Ann Roth is a celebrity reporter for FAMOUS, an L.A. based gossip magazine. Much to her boss's disappointment, she's got a good reputation for not using sleazy tactics to secure an interview. Pressured by him to get the "big get," Malcolm Goddard, an actor with one serious grudge against the paparazzi, she caves and tries to woo him in to talking to her. In the end, she fails and it costs her the job she loves. Left with no other option, Ann returns home to the midwest, hoping things will eventually blow over. When Goddard checks in to the local hospital for extended treatment, she seizes the opportunity and goes undercover as a volunteer, determined to get her story--and by default, her life back.

I really enjoyed a lot of elements in this book. The beginning was just hilarious and it was fun having little tidbits about famous celebrities thrown in. It all felt very believable to me, and I found myself laughing out loud many times. I immediately liked Ann -- she seemed very level-headed in her approach towards people and yet had this vulnerability that was truly endearing. Plus she had some of the best comic moments I've read in a long time.

Malcolm, well....he was a bit of a jerk in the beginning. In fact, so much so that I had a hard time being sympathetic toward him later in the book. And when I was expected to see him as a potential love interest, I sort of had a hard time really overlooking that initial impression I had of him. I can't say I ever really got over it, in fact. Kind of a detriment to buying into a romance. LOL.

While I really enjoyed the beginning of the book, I found the ending to be a little weak. Maybe a little too happily-ever-after. I was actually expecting someone to declare world peace at some point--it was that tied up. (g) I think it's because there was a really good buildup to the romance itself, that the ending, out of necessity, had to be rushed. Ah, those word restraints!

But, like I said, I really enjoyed Ann -- thought she had a great voice -- and well, her hospital antics were priceless. (vbg)

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