Monday, November 19, 2007


As expected, my family is keeping me fairly busy. So much so, that I haven't finished my project that's due tomorrow. (g) Oh well, I can get it done in about four hours -- I hope. LOL.

Anyway, nothing too much going on right now -- just chauffeuring the fam around and doing a lot of shopping. My mom took me to church yesterday...i.e. Barnes & Noble, and I picked up a few more books. Man, love it when she comes to visit. She suffers from the "I only see you once every year or so, so I must buy you things" syndrome. (VBG) To be fair, I had every intention of paying for an outfit yesterday -- until she snatched it out of my Kung-fu grip and scampered over to the check-out line. Hehe.

Anywho -- I may not be too active on the blog this week, but I had to mention a comment I received on one of my book reviews. Some kid said (and I know where you're from!) that he thought MYSTIC & RIDER was a stupid book, but that I really helped him with his book report. ROFL. Dude, I'm the blogNotes of the internet -- well, at least for this guy. (g) Maybe that should be Jen's Notes...hmm. :)


Precie said...

LMAO! Uh, woo hoo for being used! And WOO HOO for moms trying to buy love! :) (Mine is the same way...I try not to exploit the situation...much.)

Jen said...


LOL -- hard, innit? (g)


Carol A. Spradling said...

Hey Jen,
I wonder if your little plagiarist knows that teachers use a program that can take the students submission and cross check it against every Internet entry, including blogs. If he copied more than three words in sync, he's busted! lol, I guess he does now! Can't you just see the blood drain from his face?!