Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh Where...Oh Where...

...has my internet gone??

Okay, the official black out began late last night. It's weird... lol. I will admit that I already broke it. (g) I woke up this morning with three messages from the forum...two from goals...and I felt bad not answering them until mid-month. So, I hopped on, but allowed myself to read _only_ those messages. It was hard not to look at others -- interesting thread titles this morning. Or perhaps they only looked interesting because I couldn't read them. (g) Either way, I was on for no more than five minutes, so I figure that isn't too bad. Of course, I've only been awake for about a half hour....sooooooo...

I think the _real_ test will be my reader. I simply love it. (g) And I tell ya, when there are posts from certain blogs, it's like Christmas/Easter/my birthday/Halloween/etc. etc. all wrapped up into one. I get that excited to see them. LOL. I just keep reminding myself it will be the mega holiday of all time when I do get to look at it again. (VBG)

WIP news -- already behind this month (heh) due to the group novel, which I put off due to the houseparty... Vicious cycle. And I still haven't finished that betaread. Blah. Another (or maybe the same) headache yesterday. Could be sinuses...could be eye strain.. not sure which, but it sucked.

And a new week begins! (g)


Hélène Boudreau said...

You are a brave, brave woman. I'm such a surfing junkie. I would hate to look at my history of hits per day, it would be embarassing. Erp!

Good luck, be productive, rest up and keep on keeping on!

Jen said...


Thanks. :) I made it through the day...with only about five _brief_ visits to the forum. LOL. I answered the posts addressed to me and then vamoosed. It was hard. (g)