Friday, January 19, 2007

Learn From My Stupidity

I did the stupidest thing tonight and it cost me a couple hours of time, not to mention a few handfuls of hair. In an attempt to get my partial ready, I read through the first 100 pages of my MS last night, saving the changes, etc. Anyway, earlier that day, I cut out the pages I would be sending and saved them in a different file. So -- I had two versions floating around on my hard drive.

Here's where it gets stupid.

A friend looked at the pages for me and guess which file I integrated her suggestions into? Yep, the saved partial file (without the changes I made last night). Ugh. I had to do a split screen and go through line by line to catch any changes I made. My eyes are practically crossed at this point.

I'm sure most of you save versions by date, or whatever -- The point being, you have enough smarts to not do something this silly. At least I hope. (g) Now I'm wondering if I've done this in the past. There have been times I could've sworn I changed some lines, only to find them the "old way." I'm saving by date from now on...or revision number. Something. LOL.

Anyone ever done something like this? Please tell me I'm not alone.


Kimberely said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm avoiding writing by looking at blogs from people on Compuserve. And yes, I have three versions of my opening and then I had another version that I realized I was making changes to and... grooooan. I need to go through and double check which is the keeper and which are not. You are so not alone. Saving by date, good call.

Jen said...


YAY...thanks for not leaving me hanging here. (g) Of course, having this happen is NOT fun. LOL. My problem is that I back up to 3 different ISB keys...blah. I'm always confused on which is the correct version. LOL. But, I guess a lot of versions is better than losing the thing as a whole (g)

Cindy said...

Hi Jen:
Ayuh, I've done that. (G) I have so many old files, new files, partial files, places where changes I'm sure I made are missing, sometimes I feel like deleting the whole d@mn thing. 'Course I don't. That'd be...well, dumb! (G)

Jen said...


LOL...I once _almost_ deleted my entire MS (COTM, I think). Granted, I had a backup on my keydrive, but it still gave me a minor coronary. (g) I'm making it a goal to clean up my keys/harddrive sometime this month. It needs it -- bad. I recently burned a CD of NARC, so I'm all good there. :)