Friday, December 11, 2009

*Smacks Forehead*

My adventures continued into yesterday morning. I came outside, carrying my borrowed shovel along with a smaller one for my car. There's this rather attractive fellow standing across the street, car parked in front of the alley entrance that is blocked by a snow drift. I assume he was waiting for someone...a snow plow...someone with shovels perhaps?

Well, I'm sure he noticed the two shovels I was carrying...and well, he tracked me down the walk... Okay...

I get to the curb, step off....and POOOMPH! The snow is a lot deeper than I expected...or perhaps the curb moved overnite.. Either way, my foot found nothing but powdery snow and DOWN Jen went.


ROFL! Needless to say I turned tail quick and got the hell out of there. If he thought I was his shovel savior, he was wrong, wrong, wrong.


Deniz Bevan said...

Well, if he's any kind of gentleman he should show up at *your* door with some hot toddy or something :-)
What's in store for Jen tomorrow, I wonder? :-) Great stories!

Lottery Girl said...

I fell one time outside of my workplace many years ago. I was six months pregnant, but hadn't told anyone yet and was trying to hide baby by wearing baggy suits instead.

The tip of my heel caught in the cobblestone and got stuck. I fell on the pavement SPREAD EAGLE in front of the third man in the entire company (a Fortune 50 company) who was visiting from suave and sophisticated New York. The New Yorkers considered us to be hillbillies, and I guess I proved them right.

At least he tried to help me up, but I bolted in mortification. I was too embarrassed to be injured!