Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It's snowing like crazy here. We're under a severe weather warning, and some have predicted up to a foot of snow. All I know is that we've had NO snow up until now, so in some ways it feels like Mother Nature is finally unleashing her full glory upon us.

Yeah, the roads are crap. I saw a lot of people out there fishtailing and/or stuck in the snow. It's not a night to be out driving.

That said, it's beautiful. Really beautiful. I walked downtown a few blocks to my parking garage and it was so quiet, and the snow was falling straight down with very little wind between the buildings. I felt like I was the only person out there getting to see how wonderful the world is when it's all snow-covered and white.

Ahhhh, snow. :)


Tara Parker said...

You are so lucky. We are in the middle of a freaking monsoon. With thunder AND lightning. Yay.

Deniz Bevan said...

We're having the exact same thing! No snow for a month and a half and suddenly - wham! It would be nice to still be in school and have the school close... It would also be lovely to be out in the woods, in the beautiful snow...

Jennifer Hendren said...


Hey, I like that kind of weather, too. :) The snow is beautiful, tho...but TG I have an all wheel drive SUV. A lot of people were stuck, trying to dig themselves out of the sidestreets today. I just rolled right over it. LOL.


Jennifer Hendren said...


Your schools actually close?? Ours hardly ever do..at least at the college level. I think the building would definitely have to cave in for that to happen. And alas, work was not canceled, tho about a dozen people showed up on my floor. Awfully quiet in these here parts. You wouldn't believe the number of businesses that closed...including my doctor's office. BAH. :)


Deniz Bevan said...

You know what's annoying? When I was going to school, they never seemed to close (except for during the ice storm, which came around Christmas 1998 and I ended up having over a month and half off. That was great!) Now that I'm working - and you know work is never going to close - I keep hearing school closures on the radio all the time. Okay, they're in the country (Eastern Townships, South Shore - basically, off the island of Montreal) but still!
Hmm, thinking... I need to get a new job in the type of office that closes at the slightest sign of trouble... Hmm, who might run such a company? Californians, perhaps? *eg*