Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Of Maureen's Reader's Guide to THE LOST SYMBOL


Check it out. Parts four and five.

Beverage alert!


Tara Parker said...

Just finished the latest post. ROFL!!

Husband and I went into church last week and I saw Echo sitting below TLS on the shelf in the very front of the store. Husband actually YELLED at me and pulled me away because I started moving all copies of Echo up and TLS down. Can you believe that?

I went back and finished when he wasn't looking.

Jennifer Hendren said...

Ya wanna know what's hilarious? I'm listening to CAT AND MOUSE by James Patterson. Now, I find his books to be entertaining--mind candy. But I'm listening along today and I started to hear Maureen's voice in my head. Bwahaha. I had to stop the book for a bit and just giggle. She'd do a great job with this book, too...and I know just the things she would point out. (g)

ROFL about moving Diana's books! I'd be too scared the Book Police would get me. :)