Thursday, October 22, 2009

All's Quiet..

I know I've been quiet this week -- I apologize! It's been...well....CRAZY. I'm working a ton of hours and have had very little time for anything else. Can't believe I'm even awake at this point. (g)

That said, hope everyone is doing well!

Remember that big news I was gushing about a while ago? Well, it's finally out in the open! Kristen Callihan signed with Kristin Nelson!!!!! WHOOT!!!!! How awesome is that? I expect BIG things to be coming Kristen's way...very very soon! (Wow, too many Kristen's in this paragraph!) I'll admit I'm a wee bit jealous, but honestly, I couldn't be happier for both of them! What a match! :) Now I'm all a' flutter waiting for the day I can hold Kristen's book in my hands!

In other news -- snips, snips, and MORE snips over at All The World's Our Page! Be sure to check 'em out. I'm, as always, humbled by the company I'm keeping over there.

I do promise I will be blogging more over here. I have a few books I want to talk about. Namely, I'm in the middle of the Gunslinger series by Stephen King. I've heard mixed reviews of it -- some love it, some hate it. I have to say that overall, I'm enjoying it. I'm currently on WIZARDS & GLASS. I really dig the narrator and so far I'm really loving the book. Anyone else have any comments on this series? I know it's a little weird in spots, but you have to admit he knows his world building. (g)

Oh...and I just finished Tamora Pierce's TRICKSTER'S QUEEN. I have to admit I walk away from these books a trifle confused by what happened, but knowing that I LOVED what happened. LOL. I think it's the names. I have the first book in paperback -- may have to read it next time 'round. Perhaps all the names, etc. will stick with me a little better. I don't know how you even spell his name, but I ADORE Nawat (I looked it up). He has to be one of the most original love interests I've ever discovered. I'll give you some hints -- he's a crow turned man...and he likes to preen and try to feed bugs/worms to Aly (the MC). Makes me giggle all the time. He's very sweet and oh so different.

I've also started book 4 in the Vampire Academy series. Can't recall the name at the moment, but I'm so excited to get started!

What books are y'all reading? Anything new out that's causing a stir? I haven't been to church in a while, so if you know of anything, let me know! :)


Helen said...

Hi Jen,

Yes, you definitely should read Trickster's Choice before Trickster's Queen. They still are complicated books, but Choice really sets things up for Queen and will make it a lot easier to understand who's who and what's what :-) And yes, Nawat is fantastic! *giggle*

I read the new Corinna Chapman mystery, _Forbidden Fruit_, by Kerry Greenwood. And loved it. KG's Phryne Fisher series doesn't do much for me, but I love Corinna. And her apprentice Jason (aka "Muffin Boy", as my grandma likes to call him!) As soon as I finished it, Mum snatched it off me, and once she finishes, Grandma will grab it off her! *g*

I too haven't worshipped much lately...but I may go to an "online sermon" this week (ie. Borders Australia Online is having a sale. Bwahahaha.) *g*

Jennifer Hendren said...


Oh..I did. :) Or rather, I listened to Trickster's Choice first. I have the paperback, but ended up listening to it instead. I just think I should probably re-read.

Yay for church sales! Thanks for the rec!