Tuesday, September 29, 2009

*Rubs Hands Together*

BTPM is coming along! I've decided to keep this really kick arse fight scene I wrote and trashed a while back. It's a little too much at present, but I think with a few tweaks to tone down the tone, I should be good to go. :) I have to say, it reads REALLY well, probably the best stuff in the book, if I'm honest. I just can't let it go! But it can't really work the way it is now, either. Me and my little minions will go to work on it and pound it into something usable.

Oh, and I'm devising a very clever plan with some friends. We shall be revealing it very, very soon. *muhahahaha*

And I'm blogging/emailing at seven in the morning. Someone do an intervention. Quick!

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