Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, Evergreen! How I Miss Thee

After the Colorado Gold conference, the gnomies got together for a little writer's retreat. We did this last March -- in Myrtle Beach, SC. So beach and the mountains so far... I can't wait to see where we go next time!

(And I just read on an agent's blog that a writer's life DOES NOT consist of spending quiet afternoons in a mountain retreat...or seaside in a cottage. Shame on us. We're doing it ALL wrong.)

Anyway...some pics. (Be forewarned, amateur here!)

Our House. This is what you call roughing it in the wilderness. I'll tell ya. It's a tough job, but we gnomies are up to the challenge!

It was HUGE...had an indoor pool and everything! Yeah, it was pretty much made of awesome, even if the decor was stuck somewhere in the 80's.

Our patio. Check out that blue sky! We had PERFECT weather while we were there. Lucky. A week later, they had snow!

The view FROM our patio. Are you feeling sorry for us now?? I mean, goodness. To wake up that view takes a certain kind of human strength and endurance. We are all very brave women.

More view from the patio -- obviously a different time of day. Did I mention this house was gated on acres and acres of private land? I'll tell you what. If you ever vacation, you WANT Beth Shope booking the rental. She always finds the greatest places to stay!

The view during a hike we took. I can't remember the exact name of the location. Something with bears in it...Beautiful.

A HUGE beaver's dam. Holey moley they've been hard at work!

Cool cloud shapes. I think this is a sign that Beth Shope needs to finish her book. Can't be a coincidence that we saw this. :)

This little guy decided to pop and say hello to me when I was out on a walk on the rental property. We watched each other for a long time, and he/she actually ended up following me for a little while. There was a whole family of deer living under some brush near the property gate.


Our final morning in Evergreen. I didn't want to leave. Sigh. Can you blame me?


Tara Parker said...

Love the pictures! It was a great house - except for the munchkin beds we slept in downstairs. I do NOT miss those. :)

Jennifer Hendren said...

Yeah, as soon as you left, I ditched the kiddie beds and spread out in the master suite with Jenny. (g) It was a tough job, but I was up to the challenge. (Read courageous and totally brave!)

Tara Parker said...

I wouldn't sleep down there by myself either! Glad you went upstairs.