Monday, August 25, 2008

Re-Entry Blues

When I said I've been busy, I was serious. LOL. I just logged onto compu for the first time in...well, weeks, it seems. I've gone on there every now and then, but active participation has been at an all-time low since I joined up (egads) is it only two and a half years ago?? Seems like much longer!

Anyway, there were too many messages to sift through and I finally did the unspeakable--marked them all as read. I did the same thing on my google reader. Even though I do a better job of keeping up on those, I still had about 100 messages I just didn't have time to read. If there was something really cool going on in the blogosphere, I guess I'll have to live with the fact I missed it.

My writing is going slowly today, but I finally took my lunch hour (erm, it's actually a HALF hour) and jotted down some words. It's been difficult because all of us newbies usually lunch together. I couldn't exactly tell them to "hold that thought" while I jotted down some dialogue. (g) Anyway, I think that's how I'm going to roll from here on out. Maybe it will help keep me in an FI frame of mind, even if it is only _30 minutes_. Sheesh. I can barely eat in that short time. LOL.

Bad news is that I only have about 1/5th of my words today. It might be a long night. (g) On that note...


Tara Parker said...

Can you get posts from the forum into Google Reader?

Jennifer Hendren said...


I shudder to think of the possibilities. LOL. I think I'll leave that one alone...can you imagine how many messages you would have to wade through?


Tara Parker said...

That's what I was thinking!

Although, it would be nice to turn off the email account on my cell phone that is attached to the forum. Sometimes it vibrates every 15 minutes! (g)