Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Doof Strikes Again!

Okay, so I had fun at the wedding. The ceremony itself was rather boring, but the reception was a good time...once the alcohol began to flow. (g) Let's just say that it became The Joke of the night to try to ply me with a little drink called "hot sex." It's sort of like Bailey's & Creme...really good. I can't say how strange it is to have your aunts and uncles yelling at the top of their lungs that, "Jen needs some more hot sex!"

*claps hand to forehead*

It was quite the evening.

At any rate, it was interesting to get a glimpse at rural life. I don't think I could handle living in a town with less than 200 people. Egads, no. But kudos to my cousin -- I wish her every happiness.

That aside, my week started out a bit rough and last night it all came crashing down. I had to leave the day job early to go to a meeting at the night job. OMG. Two and a half hours of being told what we're all doing wrong, and then being given a prefunctory pat on the head with a "go get 'em, kid" was not the way I wanted to end my day. I've never been so on edge, and I left thinking, why am I putting myself through this crap?? (Oh yeah, those lovely student loans that will be starting soon. LOL.)

I got home, hellbent on finishing BD and started dozing off by the second chapter. Nap time.

Snooze. Snooze.

I then spring out of bed at 8am, panicked. OMG, I'm late for work!! I run through the house, throwing on clothing, trying to figure out who I should call first to say I'll be late (obviously)--all the while thinking, it sure as heck doesn't FEEL like I've slept _13_ hours.

That's because I didn't. It was 8 _PM_.

*claps hand to forehead*

And today, it all begins again. I show up for work early because I need to leave early again -- yet another meeting at the night job. True to form, my boss wasn't here and apparently he needs to start the program that allows me to do my job. So I've been here for a half hour -- all for nothing. It's either cry or blog. I chose to blog. :D Should've brought BD with me. (g)

In other news -- I'm writing again. Not a lot, but a little here and there. Admittedly, I would get more accomplished if I could put BD down, but I can't. Must. Finish. Soon. I'm somewhere in the low 500's, so I'm getting there. Slowly. It's making BTPM spark to life for me again. Must finish FI first, tho. Aargh. But I'm taking notes, lots of notes. And I think BTPM revisions are going to go very quickly once I begin. YAY.

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