Monday, August 1, 2016

NaNo Progress

As of today, I am 33% of the way to 50K!

YEAH YEAH!! (CanIgetta..WHOO WHOO?!)

That comes out to 16,715 words in 8 days. A little over 2,000 a day, which has been my goal. I want to get a little ahead in case I fall on a rough patch (more on this later), and because I'm heading to Breckenridge next week for at least 7 days of fun-filled Colorado time. While I plan to write while I'm there, you just never know. The mountains know my siren song, and will beg me to do nothing but hike and spend time outside. I am more than willing to oblige. Plus I'll have the pups with me, and I've vowed to make Chloe's trip to Breckenridge this year extra, extra special. :)

This week has been fun. It's quite lovely trying my hand at a new story. It's going in some unexpected directions, but I'm loving the process. I've had to fight my internal editor tooth and nail when it comes to reading back through and fixing things I know I want to change. I've bonked her on the head for now, and onward I go. I just keep telling myself this doesn't need to be perfect. It DOESN'T need to be perfect! A TOUGH thing for me to reconcile, believe you me.

That said, I've struggled to get my butt in chair the past 2-3 days. I'm not even finding the writing all that hard. I just want to do...other. things. It's hard because right now I have family staying with me while they wait to move into their new home. Being as they're here from California, none of them are currently working. That means they're spending their days playing cards....watching TV....dozing. I LOVE all of those things!! lol And me? I'm spending as much time as I can writing...then heading off to work in the evenings. It can be quite tiring all around.

Ah well, I must do everything to keep my hard-earned cash out of that meglomaniac's hands. See HERE if you don't know what I'm talking about.

As I said before, I'm trying to keep this one a little quiet until finished. That said, here are some hints about this book:

1. I'm writing in multiple POVs. (Yeah, WOW, right? But this is big for me.) One is...Omni. Whaaaaaat?? I know.

2. It's a dark fairytale. (Hence the Omni.)

3. It's an historical setting, though I'm not quite settled on when yet.

4. Given the fairytale motif, there is maaaaaagic involved. YEAH.

Okay, enough hints for now. LOL.

Just for fun, I'm basing my heroine's character on the below picture of Lily Collins. So pretty!!

That I all for now. Hope y'all are doing well!