Thursday, October 3, 2013


So has anyone seen the movie Something Borrowed?

Kate Hudson, Ginnifer friends... sorta? Anyone?

I caught this flick a couple of weeks ago and it's been on my mind ever since. Not for the usual, feel-good, I really loved this movie reasons. It's just that it provoked such opposing emotions for me that I don't know whether or not I actually liked it. And once it was over, all I wanted was to see it again so I could try to puzzle it all out.

Okay, let me break it down.

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Rachel, who is best friends with Darcy (Kate Hudson). Rachel is your typical girl next door. Sweet, giving, a bit of a doormat when it comes to taking the back seat to Darcy. Darcy--the cool, popular, as deep as a puddle, pretty girl. They've known each other forever. And for some reason, despite their obvious differences, and despite the fact that they don't particularly seem to like each other a lot of the time--they're presented as closer than close.

The movie starts with Darcy throwing Rachel a surprise 30th birthday party. She gives this wonderful speech about how Rachel is like a sister...and then proceeds to steal all of Rachel's thunder by gaining and keeping everyone's attention on herself. She's obnoxious, egocentric, and had they not pronounced themselves as best friends, you'd swear they were actually enemies. Frenemies.

As it turns out, Rachel is a bit of a brainiac and went to law school. (Boy did that bring up memories. Especially when all of the flashbacks centered around her Torts class. lol) During her first day of Torts, Rachel meets Dex -- cute, nice, and oh so heroic when he comes to her rescue by lending her a pen. (It was quite dramatic.) They become study partners and when Dex finally asks her out--under the guise of celebrating the end of finals--lo and behold, Darcy sweeps in to interrupt what might've been the beginning of a very sweet romance. Rachel, being the nice door mat that she is, is intimidated by Darcy's level of cool and immediately steps aside, believing she can't compete. Dex, misreading the situation, believes Rachel isn't interested in him after all. His expression is like a puppy dog that's been kicked, HARD, when he thinks Rachel doesn't return his affections, and rejected, he turns his eye to Darcy. Seriously. Anyone with half a brain could see Rachel and Dex were head over heels for one another. But in less than 3 minutes, everything does a complete 180 for them.

Flash forward to Rachel's birthday party -- where we see that Darcy and Dex are now engaged and about to get married. (So wrong.)

One thing leads to another and Dex and Rachel find themselves out that night together for a drink. And ta-da! Rachel reveals that she once had a crush on him...and again, here comes the weepy puppy dog expression. Could she have really liked him?? How could he have wasted 6 years with Darcy when he could've been with Rachel the entire time??

Wait for it.

They sleep together that night, thus embarking on one of the most effed up romances I've ever seen.

Why? Because despite having sex with another woman, Dex continues his sham engagement to Darcy. WORSE! The trio end up renting a summer house together with a group of friends and Dex and Darcy get it on--porn-style--so that the entire household can overhear them. And despite this, Rachel and Dex keep seeing each other.


There are a lot of other horrible things that happen, but the end result is that I found myself rooting for Rachel and Dex to get together. Even though I thought they were both sort of gross --no, fully gross -- for their behavior. Even though Dex drove me crazy for his inability to just walk away from Darcy and go for the girl he really wanted. Even though Rachel had absolutely no backbone or self-esteem to believe herself worthy of something better. I.Still.Wanted.Them.To.Get.Together.

I wanted them to get together. *hand meet forehead*

This, y'all. This is the puzzle I've been trying to figure out since watching it. Why in the world did I root for these arseholes?

As despicable as Rachel and Dex behaved, I have to admit that I thought Darcy was much, much worse. Maybe I rooted for the former two because Darcy was so self-absorbed that she either didn't notice or just didn't care that she basically stole Dex away from Rachel in the first place. Maybe it was because of some of the other awful things she did during this movie (I don't want to spoil it too much). Was it because Darcy represents all of the things we love to hate about some girls--pretty, not all that bright, but able to get whatever guy's attention she sets her sights on? The mean girl who can be nice to you when she needs something, and turn around the next second to completely cut you down? Darcy is the MASTER of backhanded insults. Did I root for Rachel because she's "nice" and well, played by Ginnifer Goodwin who I think is ADORABLE?

In the end, I fear I rooted for Rachel and Dex because, of all the arseholes in this movie, Darcy was the biggest one. I think I was able to forgive them because the movie makers made Darcy's actions sooooooo much more unforgiveable. She out arse-holed them. Simple as that.

Does this relate to writing? Of course it does. :) I'm just not sure how to use it quite yet. lol

If you've seen this movie, I'd love to hear what you thought. Maybe it was me. *shrug* (g)

Honestly, the cutest part of the movie. Darcy and Rachel reenact their childhood dance performance to Salt N' Pepa's Pushit.

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Deniz Bevan said...

I haven't seen it but that is an interesting conundrum. Wonder if I'd root for them too?
I haven't seen Serendipity either but everyone raves about it. If I'm understanding right, they meet and fall in love but don't get together then and instead wait to see if the universe throws them together? But for some reason go out with and get engaged to other people??